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Author of science fiction, dark fantasy, crime and general literature.

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All the good stuff since Milford

So, things have gone haywire since I returned from Milford. By haywire, I mean lotsa stuff’s been happening, even though I barely talk about it. Jeremy Szal over at Starship Sofa finally got “Places” an audio reprint available for free listening. I answered Afoma Umesi’s 21 Questions about books, reading, Dead White Men™ and diversity over […]


Journey so far: July 2017

So, it’s mid-year already, and the rains are coming down hard. I’m sitting in bed at midnight, trying to put together the disjointed pieces of my activities in WriterLand so far this year. As each puzzle piece clicks into place and the picture nears completion, it dawns on me that I’ve done so much more […]