Speaking and Appearances

1. Availability

*Currently open to speaking engagements in a limited capacity. For engagements involving speaking, writing or other appearance, contact my booking agent. For interviews or other media appearances, contact the related book publicist. For invitations to conventions/conferences, contact my assistant.

2. Speaking Capacities and Capabilities

I’ve spent significant time as an author, college-level writing instructor and public workshop facilitator/speaker, so I can appear in multiple capacities, including:

  • School visits (colleges and/or high schools)
  • Conferences and conventions (as panelist or in any other capacity)
  • Public workshop facilitation
  • Visiting author and/or lecturer to an institution or organization
  • Writing consultant for organizations
  • Etc.

I’m equipped to speak/lecture on a variety of topics:

  • The craft of writing: all elements of fiction (especially in the genres of the speculative–science fiction/fantasy/dark/supernatural, etc) and nonfiction (including business and professional writing)
  • The practice and business of writing and authorship (in whatever capacity)
  • Special topics, including but not limited to:
    • Science fiction, fantasy, and the speculative
    • Africanism: Afrofantasy, Afrofuturism, and the Afropresent
    • Colonialism and pre/post-colonialism in literature
    • Race and literary Blackness (especially West Africa-originated)
    • Middleness, otherness and cultural liminality in storytelling
    • The radical intersection of technology and the mystical, etc.

3. Experience, Modalities and Prepared Lectures

I have appeared at various venues, including but not limited to:

  • Professional conferences: World Science Fiction Convention, Tucson Festival of Books, GenCon, etc
  • International Universities/Colleges: University of Chicago (US), Durham University (UK), University of Arizona (US), the University of California in San Diego (US), Arizona State University (US), etc.
  • Public/Private Organizations and Institutions: The Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing, Phoenix College, the Arizona B2 Institute’s Biosphere 2, etc.

I lecture and speak in-person or online as required. All sessions are not more than 2 hours at a time, standalone or a series (multi-day/week) and could be synchronous or asynchronous (self-study pre-designed online classes). Some of my prepared lectures and workshops I have already taught/presented include:

  • Afrofutures, Afrofantasies and the Afropresent: Why speculative stories are important for the contemporary Black existence (University of Arizona Department of Africana Studies)
  • ‘Post’ for Whom? Examining the Socioeconomics of a Post-Apocalypse (UCSD Department of Literature)
  • Three Ways to Think About Plot (Piper Center/Phoenix College/Changing Hands Bookstore)
  • Revising Your Story in Three Steps (Piper Center, multi-week workshop)
  • A Hero’s Journey In Ten Moves: From Idea to Published Novel (Tucson Festival of Books)

4. Fees

I typically charge a speaker’s fee and require that my transportation and accommodation be covered. My fee varies depending on the nature of the event, the location, and the hosting organization. An original keynote talk will command a higher fee. It’ll be best to lead the conversation with what your budget us. Kindly contact me to discuss rates.

I do often make free or reduced-fee appearances, but I limit these to only a couple a year. Often, they will involve a marginalized, underrepresented or undeserved group of some sort. If you seek such an arrangement, please contact me at least 3-6 months in advance.

5. Agreements

Please note that I will require an agreement to work with you. You can either present one or I will draw one up myself.

In addition to being signed & dated (in whatever form) by both parties, the agreement should stipulate, at the minimum:

  1. Host details (name, address/location, phone, email)
  2. A schedule approved by both parties
  3. Fee details and payment structure
  4. Details of all materials required from author, both for marketing/publicity and delivery purposes
  5. Space, equipment and other author needs, agreed prior
  6. Photography and audio/video recordings, as agreed