Yes, I’m Shameless, I Know (Or, The 2017 Awards Eligibility Post)

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It’s about that time of the year, innit? When the holiday bells come out jingling, everyone’s holding hands, and the bargain hound in us all is unleashed, as we go sniffing about and muttering, “Deals, deals, deals.” (Even in our sleep!)

However, it’s also time for Best Ofs and Award Nomination Season for science fiction and fantasy books and stories. And what better time to point out all the gems that got published in 2017, and nudge nudge, wink wink y’all in the direction of all the major awards they’re eligible for? (Yes, I’m shameless, I know).

So first, here are the three stories I published in 2017:

  1. “When You Find Such A Thing,” Podcastle, November 2017: Oduwa, a young Nigerian wizard, meets his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. During the visit, he uncovers things about himself and his girlfriend that turn out to be a bit, er, uncomfortable.
  2. “Our Secrets, In Keys,” Fireside Fiction, August 2017: What do you do when you’re married to a Weredragon? Do you, (A) stay; (B) leave; or (C) fix it? Be assured, none of these options will be painless, or leave you alive. This story made the Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round for August after being reviewed by Charles Payseur at QuickSip.
  3. “Can Anything Good Come,” The Dark Magazine, Issue 21, February 2017: Two girls visit a famous night market in Benin City and come away with an experience they’ll never forget. This ended up my most successful story this year, getting good reviews at SFRevuQuickSipNerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Feb 2017) and even getting on the Nebula Awards 2017 Suggested Reading List!

(Seriously, if you haven’t read these gems, why you playing at life, fam?)

Now that’s done and dusted, these stories are first of all, eligible for next year’s Hugos and Nebulas. Yep, that Hugo and Nebula. “Can Anything Good Come” is on the Nebula Suggested Reading List already, and though “When You Find Such A Thing” is also eligible, it isn’t yet. So SFWA folks, do your thing and nom this real quick!

Next, all three are eligible for the 2018 Nommo Awards for African SF, Short Story Category. Now I know nominations for these don’t open until early next year, but this way, you can start thinking about having them in your noms now.

I’m also eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (yasss!). This is my first year of eligibility, so will a kind soul just nominate me for this thing for love’s sake, eh?

Lastly, my stories have appeared on a couple of Best Of lists for 2017, so I’m just gonna serve those here and keep updating as I come across more.

See you around, and don’t stop nominating though, let yo mans become an award-winning something real quick.

– S.

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