And Ye Shall Henceforth Refer To Me As, Mr Represented-By-Agent

Over the past few weeks, lots of good things have been happening to me. David Mogo, Godhunter is getting some very good love out there, I have a number of speaking, reading and workshopping events forthcoming, and I’ve been undergoing lots of great travel. (Heck, last week was my wedding anniversary!)

Yet, underneath all of this, even more GoodStuff has been brewing in the background, and I’m glad to finally get off this news I’ve been sitting on for a while now and let it out:

I have an agent.

Yes, that’s right. As of today, I am now represented by Mr. Eddie Schneider of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

Kindly excuse me if I’m swooning a little. We’re talking about the agency that represents kickass folks like Charlaine Harris, Tanya Huff, Daniel José Older, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Justina Ireland, Myke Cole and, wait for it…Brandon Sanderson.

That’s right. The Brandon Sanderson.

The turn of events that led to this happening were extraordinary. Suffice it to say that the time between querying Eddie (during which I also queried about 7 other agents) and when I signed with him, was under 2 weeks. Did I also mention this was my first time querying agents, ever? Ever since I started to keep an ear on publishing stuff and I listened to folks talk about their days in the querying trenches, I’ve been bracing for this. But nope, no querying trenches for me, apparently. Things moved like a whirlwind, a lined-up puzzle tucked into place by an unseen hand.

Extraordinary doesn’t even capture it.

Best thing? Eddie is a hands-on, quick-on-the-turn business professional with a critical eye for work with great potential, underrepresented voices and a literary bent. It’s like a thing so match-made, you wanna wink at the universe and say, “I see you, fam.”

For everyone that has aided me in getting here, I say thank you. I’d like to single out four people in particular, who have been like my literary godparents: Tade Thompson, for being the no-frills person who’s taken me under his wing simply because he’s cool like that; Sarah Ladipo Manyika, the one person I’d call whenever I get stuck in all the non-writing aspects of the authorial maze; Silvia Moreno-Garcia, whose simple singular action years ago somehow results in us bumping into each other every here and there, and inadvertently keeps presenting me with new opportunities; and Fran Wilde, who I only just met this year, but has been quite supportive through my transition from backseat writer to buzzworthy new author. I say a big thanks to y’all.

And to everyone who reads what I write, and makes me keep writing: Thank you. You made this happen.

Now, watch out for the sparkles, because Eddie and I are gonna make magic together.

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