Omenana Issue #8 Out with “Of Tarts and new Beginnings”

So, Issue #8 of Omenana just launched (alongside a great new website, which is absolutely lit), and I have a new story in it.

“Of Tarts and new Beginnings” asks questions about what we do with the gains of losing something or someone. It follows a woman who is involved in a car accident where she loses her husband but gains supernormal powers. How she reacts to these changes (initially, and then later on, especially on a crucial day for her business–the day on which the story is set) has everything to do with how she perceives them: are they part of a loss, or a gain? Is it the end for her, or a new beginning?

Find out by peeping the issue HERE.

The issue also features stories from Wole Talabi, Akan Innocent Immaculate and Tochi Onyebuchi, as well as an essay by Mazi Nwonwu and a review of the latest Chimurenga Chronic by Chiamaka Onu-Okpara.

Go read!

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