Mothership Zeta (and “Places”) Launches!

"Places", featured in Mothership Zeta #1
"Places", featured in Mothership Zeta #1

Guys, guys!

The Mothership has arrived!

Mothership Zeta, the new ezine effort from SFWA-acclaimed Podcast Warriors, Escape Artists, has launched. But that’s not the only good news (‘course it’s not). Goodstuff Number two is that, my short story “Places” launches with said magazine!


Hear from the pilots themselves:

Mothership Zeta is the first ezine project to come out of Escape Artists (publisher of podcast magazines Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and Podcastle). We are an ebook-only zine that focuses on new fiction with a fun understone and reprints from the EA podcasts, along with nonfiction from experts in science fiction, science, and more. Mothership Zeta’s team consists of Mur Lafferty, Sunil Patel, and Karen Bovenmyer.

And about the short story, “Places” from fiction editor, Sunil Patel:

In the midst of many light-hearted, funny stories, we present something layered and dark, warm yet strangely bittersweet. Suyi Davies Okungbowa spins a mesmerizing tale of shackles both physical and psychological, in which a mother observes her daughter on the day that will change her life forever.

You’re still here?

Peruse the awesome TOC and purchase the magazine for only $2.99 HERE.

I’ve got mine. What’re you waiting for?

See you there, folks.

– Suyi.

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