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suyi okungbowa freelanceGood news: I’m now henceforth open to new freelance work! If you know anyone looking to hire for any of these services listed below, send them my way!

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1. Ghostwriting

I ghostwrite stories, pieces and (e)books under 45,000 words, with or without a byline. I especially write fiction (science fiction, fantasy, dark fiction/horror, genre and mainstream, etc) and nonfiction (biographies, memoirs, self-help, inspirational and specialist/corporate) on commission. Usually, I require extensive notes from either pre-hire or post-hire interviews or research before I begin. Under separate agreements, I also design and layout books for e-reading and print.

Writing charges are $0.15 per word and interviews/research will cost $50 per hour. Costs will move upward/downward depending on content, scope and time-frame. Query with your project, and I’ll send a quote.

Samples: See all Brick Moon stories | Magazine articles and reports (ghostwriting and design)

2. Short and long form content

These include essays, articles, thought pieces, etc. in the general fields of:

  • creative writing;
  • literature, speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism, etc);
  • pop culture framed by the creative arts (mostly film and literature); and
  • marketing communications with a digital (visual + verbal) slant.

I have a preference for content with African leanings and influences, but I will write what interests me. Charges are per piece, and start from $100 upwards dependent on content, scope and time-frame. Query with your project, and I’ll send a quote.

Samples: Opinion | Listicle | Review

3. Marketing Communications

I write communications material for individuals, small businesses and large organisations in the arts, nonprofit and professional services sectors. My preference is for businesses with a firm understanding of their audience’s needs. Work includes:

  • White papers
  • Thought leadership and brochure copy
  • Reports: annual reports, research reports, CSR reports, impact reports, etc.
  • Infographics (writing + design)
  • Case studies
  • Internal communications and non-sales-focused newsletters
  • Etc.

Usually, clients will collate their source material. Therefore, any research or collation required on my part will be charged accordingly. Charges start from $0.15 per word and move upward depending on project scope and time-frame. Query with your project, and I’ll send a quote.

Samples: Article (nonprofit) | Impact report (nonprofit) | Infographic (writing + design)Internal communications (presentation)

4. Editing

I offer three editing services:

  • Developmental/structural/substantive editing in creative writing and business/professional/technical writing, up to 40,000 words at a time. Clients will receive a comprehensive editorial report and some comments within the work.
    *Charge: $50 per hour (or $0.2 per word, or $10 per double-spaced page)
  • Proofreading for grammar and errors in spelling and punctuation, with tracked changes. As a bonus, I will usually comment if I spot some light copy or line edit oversight, or generally anything that piques my writer-brain interest. I also proof for design and layout, under separate agreements.
    *Charge: $45 per hour (or $0.16 per word, or $7.5 per double-spaced page)

Concessions will be considered with existent work history.

Samples: Self-Help ebook (editing and design) | Specialist ebook (editing and design) | Magazine (content curation, editing and design)

Contact (for freelance queries only)

Email me at suyi.davies(at)gmail.com with a clear description and time-frame for your project, and I’ll respond with a quote.

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