The Piper Writing Center, ASU: Revise Your Story In 3 Steps (Workshop)

Revise Your Story in 3 Steps

Workshop Description

You’ve completed the first draft of your short story or novel. Now what? Join Suyi Davies Okungbowa as he leads a workshop on actionable best practices to revise your draft and polish it into the best story it can be. You’ll learn the concept of revision as re-seeing (and how it differs from editing), how to identify what needs to be revised, how to create a revision roadmap by envisioning your ideal story, and actionable ways to execute that roadmap.

Day 1: The What, or What is wrong with my story?

  • The concept of revision as “re-seeing”
  • Identifying what needs to be revised

Day 2: The Why, or Why do I need to fix this and not that?

  • Documenting your Ideal Story, and the concept of “story engines”
  • Developing a Revision Action Plan (RAP) using the PSA model: Problem / Solution / Action

Day 3: The How, or How do I deal with all this information?

  • Putting your RAP into action
  • What happens next after revision?
  • FAQs

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