List of selected publications by Suyi Davies Okungbowa, including: works of various lengths, all subgenres of African speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror), works in other genres, and in formats other than print.

This is a list of short fiction and nonfiction only. For novels and other longer works, see Books page. For interviews, see Press page.

Selected Collections & Anthologies:

Selected Short Fiction:

“We Come As Gods”: BreatheFIYAH, an anthology by + FIYAH Literary Magazine, edited by Brent Lambert and DaVaun Sanders, October 2020. ~950 words.

“The Haunting of 13 Oluwo Street”: Fireside Magazine #72, October 2019. ~3010 words. (Finalist: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2019)
A haunted house in Lagos just wants to be loved. Reviews: QuickSip

“Dune Song”: Apex Magazine #120, May 2019. ~4650 words. (Finalist: The Ignyte Award for Best Short Story 2019)
Nata will decide if leaving Isiuwa to find her mother in the desert whirlwind is worth the consequences. Reviews: Locus / Tangent / RocketStankRank / SFRevu / QuickSip / B&NSciFi / SFF Reviews

The Secret Life Of The Unclaimed“: A World of Horror (anthology), ed. by Eric J. Guignard – Dark Moon Books, September 2018. 4132 words. (Reprint: Nightmare Magazine. November 2019.) (Nominated: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2018.)
A teenage boy from a small Port-Harcourt neighbourhood struggles with an unwelcome transformation.

Brick Moon Fiction podcasts, published by Brick Moon Entertainment

When You Find Such A Thing: Podcastle, November 2017. 3015 words. (Nominated: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2017.)
A young wizard in Lagos meets his girlfriend’s parents over dinner, and uncovers secrets he’d rather not. Reviews: SFF Reviews

Our Secrets, In Keys: Fireside Fiction, August 2017. 937 words.
Being married to a Weredragon poses unique relationship problems, doesn’t it? Reviews: QuickSip / Nerds of a feather

Can Anything Good Come: The Dark Magazine, Issue 21, February 2017. 4741 words. Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, Vol 10 (2017): Honorable Mention
Two deal-seeking national youth service corps members visit the night market in Benin City and experience a night to remember. Reviews: SFRevu / QuickSip / Nerds of a feather

— “Of Tarts and New Beginnings“: Omenana, Issue #8, November 2016. 4223 words. (Nominated: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2016.)
Shanumi’s accident offers her a new chance at life, and a new enemy in the Lagos restaurant business. Reviews: QuickSip

Sleep Papa, Sleep: Lights Out: Resurrection, TNC Halloween Anthology, October 2016. 5017 words. (Reprint: Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora, August 2020)
A taboo error in Max Aniekwu’s black market trade brings him face-to-face with his deceased father–literally. Reviews: SFF ReviewsIn conversation with Nerine Dorman.

— “Places“: Mothership Zeta, Issue #1, November 2015. ( Also a StarshipSofa episode, October 2017). 3330 words.
During a family altercation, a young girl unearths a dormant part of herself, and it’s not what anyone expects, herself included. Reviews: QuickSip / Tangent

Selected Nonfiction:

“The H-Word: Universal Scare, Local Fear”: Nightmare Magazine. September 2020.

“The African Superhero and the Legacy of Captain Africa”: August 2020.

“Where Are Our Black Boys on Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel Covers?: June 2020.

“’Post’ for Whom? Examining the Socioeconomics of a Post-Apocalypse”: Strange Horizons. July 2019. (Longlisted: 2020 BSFA Award for Best Nonfiction)

“5 SFF Books Set In Contemporary African Locales”: June 2019. African speculative fiction in contemporary locales examined.

“From The Inside Out: Worldbuilding Through Extrapolation”: Science Fiction Writers of America. May 2019.

5 African SFF Books to Add to Your 2018 Reading List: Ozy. January 2018. 5 prime African speculative fiction reads to add to your TBR.

— “The F-Word Is Here to Stay. Deal With It.“: Ozy. December 2017.

— “This Is What Happens to Us“: Lightspeed’s POC Destroy Science Fiction. February 2016. / Winner, British Fantasy Awards 2017 – Best Anthology