2020 SFF Awards Eligibility Post

SFF awards season has always meant, for me, a welcome break from the year: the end of the old, holidays, and the start of the new. This means folks start to remind everyone of all the work they did in the year, and I’m here to do the obligatory same.

To be honest, there was so much fantastic stuff published this year. Being a newly published author this year meant I got to pay a lot more attention to work from all corners, and by golly, was it great! As I won’t be nominating or voting for my own work, I’m excited for all the ways I’m going to hype all the work from fabulous artists that I love.

If you, however, are considering nominating and voting my work for these awards, here’s what I did this year that’s award eligible:

NOVEL: David Mogo, Godhunter (fantasy) is pretty much eligible for everything possible.

SHORT STORY: I had 2 original short stories come out this year. “Dune Song” (fantasy) was published in the last/final issue 120 of Apex Magazine in May 2019; and “The Haunting of 13 Oluwo Street” (dark fantasy/horror) was published in Fireside Fiction in October 2019. Both got mentions in “Best of” short SFF roundups at cool venues like Tor.com B&N SciFi, SFF Reviews, QuickSip and The 1000-Year Plan, so I can’t say either is a better shot. If I’d prefer one to be nominated for anything–and if you’d want to choose which to nominate–I’d say go for “The Haunting of 13 Oluwo Street.”

If you’ll be voting and participating in any awards process, here are all the venues I’m eligible (that I know of):

  • BSFA Awards and British Fantasy Awards (novel): Because David Mogo was released by a British publisher, it is eligible for both these awards. Only members of either can nominate and vote. The BSFA suggested reading is open to all, but nominations are open to members until Dec 31, 2019. I’m eligible for Best Novel (for both) and Best Newcomer (for the BFA).
  • Compton Crook Award (novel): This award for best first novel is voted for by Balticon members. Votes usually close by the end of April.
  • Nommos (novel and short story): The ASFS will be opening nominations 1 January to 30 March 2020. Members, watch out for this!
  • Otherwise Award (formerly Tiptree Award) (novel): Offered to “reward those writers and other creative artists who are bold enough to contemplate shifts and changes in gender roles.” 2019’s recommended list already possesses my book.
  • Locus (novel and short story): Presented at the annual banquet by a polling of magazine readers. David Mogo is eligible for both Best Fantasy Novel and Best First Novel.
  • Nebulas (novel and short story): Every SFWA member can nominate for the Nebulas. My novel is already on the suggested reading list, as well as my short story. Nominations open shortly, and voting deadline is sometime in March, I think.
  • Hugos (novel and short story): Nominations open sometime in 2020. Attending or supporting members of Worldcons 77 (Dublin 2019), 78 (ConZealand 2020) or 79 (DiscCon III 2021) are eligible to nominate and vote.
  • World Fantasy Awards (novel and short story): Open to attendees of the World Fantasy Convention.

If I’ve missed any one, let me know! Otherwise, thanks for your consideration, and, in the words of Cat Valente: nominate early, vote often, and read always.


– Suyi.

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