List of selected publications by Suyi Davies Okungbowa, including: works of various lengths, all subgenres of African speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror), works in other genres, and in formats other than print.

This is a list of short fiction and nonfiction only. For novels and other longer works, see Books page. For interviews, see Press page.

Selected Collections & Anthologies:

Mytek The Mighty (comic)

2000 AD (publisher), w/ Anand Radhakrishnan, Deeganto Joardar & SD. May 2020.

A Nigerian professor and a Ghanaian-American tech billionaire team up to resurrect the lost solar-powered robot gorilla, Mytek.

A World of Horror, edited by Eric J. Guignard

A World of Horror

Dark Moon Books (publisher), edited by Eric J Guignard, featuring “The Secret Life of the Unclaimed.” September 2018.

“A fresh collection of horror authors exploring monsters and myths from their homelands.”

year's best science fiction and fantasy 2020 edited by Jonathan Strahan

The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Vol 1

The Saga Anthology of Science Fiction 2020, edited by Jonathan Strahan, featuring “Dune Song.” September 2020.

“A must-have collection of the best short science fiction and speculative fiction of 2019, showcasing brilliant talent and examining the cultural moment we live in…

People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction

Lightspeed (publisher). Personal Essays edited by Sunil Patel, featuring “This Is What Happens To Us.” June 2016.

People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction! is 100% written and edited by people of color, and is led by guest editors Nalo Hopkinson and Kristine Ong Muslim.

Selected Short Fiction:

“We Come As Gods”: BreatheFIYAH, an anthology by + FIYAH Literary Magazine, edited by Brent Lambert and DaVaun Sanders, October 2020. ~950 words.

“The Haunting of 13 Oluwo Street”: Fireside Magazine #72, October 2019. ~3010 words. (Finalist: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2019)
A haunted house in Lagos just wants to be loved. Reviews: QuickSip / The 1000-Year Plan

“Dune Song”: Apex Magazine #120, May 2019. ~4650 words. (Finalist: The Ignyte Award for Best Short Story 2019)
Nata will decide if leaving Isiuwa to find her mother in the desert whirlwind is worth the consequences. Reviews: Locus / Tangent / RocketStankRank / SFRevu / QuickSip / B&NSciFi / SFF Reviews / The 1000-Year Plan

The Secret Life Of The Unclaimed“: A World of Horror (anthology), ed. by Eric J. Guignard – Dark Moon Books, September 2018. 4132 words. (Reprint: Nightmare Magazine. November 2019.) (Nominated: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2018.)
A teenage boy from a small Port-Harcourt neighbourhood struggles with an unwelcome transformation.  Nominated: Best Short Story: Nommo Awards 2018

Brick Moon Fiction podcasts, published by Brick Moon Entertainment

When You Find Such A Thing: Podcastle, November 2017. 3015 words. (Nominated: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2017.)
A young wizard in Lagos meets his girlfriend’s parents over dinner, and uncovers secrets he’d rather not. Reviews: SFF Reviews: Rose Heather JonesJeff Xilon’s Roundup, Dec 2017

Our Secrets, In Keys: Fireside Fiction, August 2017. 937 words.
Being married to a Weredragon poses unique relationship problems, doesn’t it? Reviews: QuickSip / Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Aug 2017)

Can Anything Good Come: The Dark Magazine, Issue 21, February 2017. 4741 words. Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, Vol 10 (2017): Honorable Mention
Two deal-seeking national youth service corps members visit the night market in Benin City and experience a night to remember. Reviews: SFRevu / QuickSip / Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Feb 2017)

— “Of Tarts and New Beginnings“: Omenana, Issue #8, November 2016. 4223 words. (Nominated: Nommo Award for Best Short Story 2016.)
Shanumi’s accident offers her a new chance at life, and a new enemy in the Lagos restaurant business. Reviews: Mame Diene / QuickSip / Bellanaija

Sleep Papa, Sleep: Lights Out: Resurrection, TNC Halloween Anthology, October 2016. 5017 words.
A taboo error in Max Aniekwu’s black market trade brings him face-to-face with his deceased father–literally. In conversation with Nerine Dorman

— “Places“: Mothership Zeta, Issue #1, November 2015. ( Also a StarshipSofa episode, October 2017). 3330 words.
During a family altercation, a young girl unearths a dormant part of herself, and it’s not what anyone expects, herself included. Reviews: QuickSip / TangentCurmudgeon.

Selected Nonfiction:

“The H-Word: Universal Scare, Local Fear”: Nightmare Magazine. September 2020.

“The African Superhero and the Legacy of Captain Africa”: August 2020.

“Where Are Our Black Boys on Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel Covers?: June 2020.

“’Post’ for Whom? Examining the Socioeconomics of a Post-Apocalypse”: Strange Horizons. July 2019. (Longlisted: 2020 BSFA Award for Best Nonfiction)

“5 SFF Books Set In Contemporary African Locales”: June 2019. African speculative fiction in contemporary locales examined.

“From The Inside Out: Worldbuilding Through Extrapolation”: Science Fiction Writers of America. May 2019.

5 African SFF Books to Add to Your 2018 Reading List: Ozy. January 2018. 5 prime African speculative fiction reads to add to your TBR.

— “The F-Word Is Here to Stay. Deal With It.“: Ozy. December 2017.

— “This Is What Happens to Us“: Lightspeed’s POC Destroy Science Fiction. February 2016. / Winner, British Fantasy Awards 2017 – Best Anthology