Forget what my bio says. I write a bit of everything: works of various lengths, all forms of speculative, works in other genres, and uncategorizable variants of all of the above. Most of what’s here is available to read. Enjoy. | Also: see CV HERE.

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— "The Secret Life Of The Unclaimed": A World of Horror (anthology), ed. by Eric J. Guignard - Dark Moon Books. Forthcoming, 2018.

— "Like Stars Over The Lonely Ocean": Writivism Annual Anthology, 2017 (ed. Emmanuel Sigauke and Edwige Dro). Forthcoming, 2017 (TBP Black Letter Media).

— "Our Secrets, In Keys": Fireside Fiction. Forthcoming, 2017.

"Can Anything Good Come": The Dark Magazine, Issue 21. February 2017. / Review: SFRevu / Review: QuickSip / Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Feb 2017)

— "Of Tarts and New Beginnings": Omenana, Issue #8. November 2016. / Review: Mame Diene / Review: QuickSip / Review: Bellanaija / Longlist, Best Short Story: Nommo Awards 2016.

"Sleep Papa, Sleep": Lights Out: Resurrection, TNC Halloween Anthology. October 2016. / In conversation with Nerine Dorman

— "Places": Mothership Zeta, Issue #1. November 2015. / Review: QuickSip / Review: TangentReview: Curmudgeon

— "Breaking The Habit": Omenana, Issue #4. October 2015. / Review: QuickSip

— "In Your Hands": Jungle Jim, Issue #27 (Print). December 2016.

— "Oversight": ShortSharpShot. April 2015. Flash. / Reprinted in SSS Mag Issue #1

— "Fireflies": Wazi. April 2015.

— "Up": ShortSharpShot. April 2015.

— "The Izobo Raid": ShortSharpShot. November 2014. Flash. Reprinted in SSS Mag Issue #1

— "Ariannamaka 2": The Naked Convos. Co-written with Wole Talabi. October 2014.

— "Victory To Fail": The Kalahari Review. June 2014.

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— "This Is What Happens to Us": Lightspeed’s POC Destroy Science Fiction. February 2016. / Review: Galhalla Podcast

— "On Being A Misfit, An Other, A Human": April 2016.

— "Of Slim Jims and Navigating Turbulent Lepa Waters": The Naked Convos. August 2015.

— "In Pursuit of Home": Klorofyl, The Nomads Issue (#5). July 2015.

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— "Budo": Escape Pod, Episode 517. January 2016. Short Story.

— "Irreplaceable (Podcast Version)": ShortSharpShot. April 2015.

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