Forget what my bio says. I write a bit of everything: works of various lengths, all forms of speculative, works in other genres, and uncategorizable variants of all of the above. Most of what’s here is available to read. Enjoy.

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Pure BlackThe Dresden Files meets American Gods, set in Lagos. The novella follows David Mogo, demigod and freelance godhunter who, after capturing two Orishas for Lagos’s most powerful wizard, must now prevent him from using them to take over the city. Completed and under review. Currently seeking representation.



Finding Foowa: This academic crime-thriller follows the kidnapping of Foowa Macaulay, flighty daughter of a renowned professor, on the University of Benin campus the night before her father’s Deanship elections. Azalee “JB” Jibrin, still-fresh Chief Security Officer of the University Security Force, must find her before the elections, or lose her job. The plot thickens when the fate of another student, Yohance "Han" Darsaki, hangs in the balance. Completed, currently seeking representation.



— "The Secret Life Of The Unclaimed": A World of Horror (anthology), ed. by Eric J. Guignard - Dark Moon Books. Forthcoming, 2018.

— "Like Stars Over The Lonely Ocean": Writivism Annual Anthology, 2017 (ed. Emmanuel Sigauke and Edwige Dro). Forthcoming, 2018 (TBP Black Letter Media).

"When You Find Such A Thing": Podcastle. November 2017.

"Our Secrets, In Keys": Fireside Fiction. August 2017. / Review: QuickSip / Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Aug 2017)

"Can Anything Good Come": The Dark Magazine, Issue 21. February 2017. / Review: SFRevu / Review: QuickSip / Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Feb 2017) / Nebula Awards 2017 Suggested Reading List

— "Of Tarts and New Beginnings": Omenana, Issue #8. November 2016. / Review: Mame Diene / Review: QuickSip / Review: Bellanaija / Longlist, Best Short Story: Nommo Awards 2016.

"Sleep Papa, Sleep": Lights Out: Resurrection, TNC Halloween Anthology. October 2016. / In conversation with Nerine Dorman

— "Places": Mothership Zeta, Issue #1. November 2015. / Review: QuickSip / Review: TangentReview: Curmudgeon
Reprint (Audio): StarshipSofa. October 2017.

— "Breaking The Habit": Omenana, Issue #4. October 2015. / Review: QuickSip

— "In Your Hands": Jungle Jim, Issue #27 (Print). December 2016.

— "Oversight": ShortSharpShot. April 2015. Flash. / Reprinted in SSS Mag Issue #1

— "Fireflies": Wazi. April 2015.

— "Up": ShortSharpShot. April 2015.

— "The Izobo Raid": ShortSharpShot. November 2014. Flash. Reprinted in SSS Mag Issue #1

— "Ariannamaka 2": The Naked Convos. Co-written with Wole Talabi. October 2014.

— "Victory To Fail": The Kalahari Review. June 2014.

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— "Omenana’s Landmark Issue 10 Pairs Seven New Speculative Stories with Smashing Art": Bellanaija #LiterallyWhatsHot Review Column. September 2017.

— "This Is What Happens to Us": Lightspeed’s POC Destroy Science Fiction. February 2016. / Winner, British Fantasy Awards 2017 - Best Anthology / Review: Galhalla Podcast

— "On Being A Misfit, An Other, A Human": April 2016.

— "Of Slim Jims and Navigating Turbulent Lepa Waters": The Naked Convos. August 2015.

— "In Pursuit of Home": Klorofyl, The Nomads Issue (#5). July 2015.

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In Discussion With Nerine Dorman: Interview with Nerine Dorman for "Sleep, Papa Sleep" in Lights Out: Resurrection. December 2016.

BOOK'D - Suyi Davies Okungbowa: Interview with Afoma Umesi on reading and loving literature. November 2017.

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— "Budo": Escape Pod, Episode 517. January 2016. Short Story.

— "Irreplaceable (Podcast Version)": ShortSharpShot. April 2015.

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