I write and have published a bit of everything: works of various lengths, all forms of speculative, works in other genres (especially crime-mystery-thrillers), and uncategorizable variants of all of the above. Most of what’s here is available to read for free. Enjoy.

David Mogo, Godhunter (Contemporary fantasy). TBP July 2019, Abaddon (UK/US).

Finding Foowa (Crime)


Short Fiction:

"The Secret Life Of The Unclaimed": A World of Horror (anthology), ed. by Eric J. Guignard - Dark Moon Books, September 2018. 4132 words.
A teenage boy from a small Port-Harcourt neighbourhood struggles with an unwelcome transformation.

Brick Moon Fiction podcasts, published by Brick Moon Entertainment

  • A Wedding Night at Motel 1941, October 2018. 5847 words.
    A wedding party of six holes up at a motel prior to the ceremony, but the night turns dark when two party members are gruesomely murdered.
  • "A Light for the Dark Under", July 2018 (also, as a part of the anthology, It Starts With a Heist). 3870 words.
    Runor must infiltrate a maximum security prison in the sky to restore hope for her people on the ground.
  • "The Dead House", April 2018. 4151 words.
    A divorcee escaping her abusive machino husband flees to a small community in Benin City, only to realise not much is different there, either.
  • "We Are All Outies", February 2018. 5224 words.
    A teenage girl struggles with her place within her family and the Neuro collective in a future Nigeria where identity is nothing, and everything.

"When You Find Such A Thing": Podcastle, November 2017. 3015 words.
A young wizard in Lagos meets his girlfriend's parents over dinner, and uncovers secrets he'd rather not. SFF Reviews: Rose Heather JonesJeff Xilon's Weekly Fiction Recommendations Roundup, December 2017 / Longlist, Best Short Story: Nommo Awards 2018.

"Our Secrets, In Keys": Fireside Fiction, August 2017. 937 words.
Being married to a Weredragon poses unique relationship problems, doesn't it? Review: QuickSip / Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Aug 2017)

"Can Anything Good Come": The Dark Magazine, Issue 21, February 2017. 4741 words.
Two deal-seeking national youth service corps members visit the night market in Benin City and experience a night to remember. Nebula Awards 2017 Suggested Reading List / Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year, Volume 10 (2017): Honorable Mention / Review: SFRevu / Review: QuickSip / Nerds of a feather: Monthly Round (Feb 2017)

— "Of Tarts and New Beginnings": Omenana, Issue #8, November 2016. 4223 words.
Shanumi's accident offers her a new chance at life, and a new enemy in the Lagos restaurant business. Review: Mame Diene / Review: QuickSip / Review: Bellanaija / Longlist, Best Short Story: Nommo Awards 2017.

"Sleep Papa, Sleep": Lights Out: Resurrection, TNC Halloween Anthology, October 2016. 5017 words.
A taboo error in Max Aniekwu's black market trade brings him face-to-face with his deceased father--literally. In conversation with Nerine Dorman

— "Places": Mothership Zeta, Issue #1, November 2015. 3330 words.
During a family altercation, a young girl unearths a dormant part of herself, and it's not what anyone expects, herself included. Also a StarshipSofa episode, October 2017. Review: QuickSip / Review: TangentReview: Curmudgeon.

— "Breaking The Habit": Omenana, Issue #4, October 2015. 2787 words.
In order for Yejide to employ the latest technology to rid herself of her dirty little secret, she must first indulge in it one last time. Review: QuickSip

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Articles and Essays:

"5 African SFF Books to Add to Your 2018 Reading List": Ozy. January 2018.

— "The F-Word Is Here to Stay. Deal With It.": Ozy. December 2017.

— "Omenana’s Landmark Issue 10 Pairs Seven New Speculative Stories with Smashing Art": Bellanaija #LiterallyWhatsHot Review Column. September 2017.

— "This Is What Happens to Us": Lightspeed’s POC Destroy Science Fiction. February 2016. / Winner, British Fantasy Awards 2017 - Best Anthology / Review: Galhalla Podcast

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Internal Machinations of the Human Spirit: In Conversation With Venita Blackburn. October 2018.

BOOK'D - Suyi Davies Okungbowa: Interview with Afoma Umesi on reading and loving literature. November 2017.

In Discussion With Nerine Dorman: Interview with Nerine Dorman for "Sleep, Papa Sleep" in Lights Out: Resurrection. December 2016.

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"A Wedding Night at Motel 1941": Brick Moon Entertainment. October 2018. Short Story.

— "Budo": Escape Pod, Episode 517. January 2016. Short Story.

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